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Yes, we have bunnies



The white one is Rose and the black and white one is Mabel. They live in the greenhouse and have a run next to the house visible from a window.





Our team of 3 caregivers speaks French, English, Spanish and Mandarin. We teach the children those languages through immersion.

Wide range of activities

Your child will get to enjoy yoga sessions given by a professional yoga teacher, and will experience our Academie's applauded programs of science, paleontology, astronomy and cooking, plus our new music & reading programs.

Healthy food and environment

A lot of organic food, reverse osmosis filtered water, air filtered with plants, etc.

Outings included

Every month we do multiple outings such as apple picking, museum visit or a garden picnic.

Our beginnings

Before becoming a daycare, Pascale had started the Académie to give science, music and cooking classes for daycare children. Together with her partner Emilie, they succeeded at sparkling the curiosity of young children by diving deep in those subjects and making complicated matter fun with hands-on and immersive activities.

Now that Emilie’s on the other side of the continent for more adventures, Pascale has decided to bring on more team members and to renovate her house for the Académie’s next adventure: a daycare.


We can’t wait to do those activities again within our home daycare.


Here are some pictures of our different adventures:

M souvent va explorer par elle-même et fait des expériences. Vous avez développé un intérêt chez elle et je suis très contente de voir qu’elle a été très réceptive.

Maman de M

À propos de Mini-Scientist

E love dit! She keeps showing us her scientific notebook. We love the pictures, thank you!   E’s Mom about the Mini-Scientist program

E's Mom

About Mini-Scientist