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At the Académie Happy Neuron we stay updated on what science tells us about brain development.


Executive functions

During our readings we started to understand the importance of the development of executive functions in young children and it’s relation to success. If a child develops the part of his brain that will later help her organise, plan, stay focus and execute, then she’s hundreds of neurons closer to achieving her dreams and making a difference in the world. 

With that in mind, we are interested in the Montessori method and the Vygotsky approach because those are two alternative methods that have been shown to foster the development of executive functions. The nicest part is that those two methods of learning are play based. 


Deliberate Interactions for a Happy Brain

In a learning setting the child learns from the curriculum (materials, activities) but also from his interactions with his peers and the teachers. Knowing this, we are being deliberate in how we interact with the children. We are helping them make sense of the world around them and understand their own emotions. We don’t see a tantrum as a burden : it is an opportunity to connect the logic side of the brain with the emotional side!

If you are interested to know more about our deliberate interactions, we strongly recommend the book ”The Whole-Brain Child : 12 revolutionary strategies to nurture your child’s developing mind”.


Science and Environment

We offer (and will keep developing more) programs related to science or environment. This is simply because those are concepts that we expect to be at the center of the lives of the children of today. They have to be for an healthy and prosperous humanity! 

We also think that the understanding of the scientific method will help our student grow curious and inquiring minds. A seed in the brain of futures innovators, scientists & leaders if tomorrow.